Maduskar Ganpati

20+ Years
of experience

Ganesh Pradeep Maduskar

The Grandson of late Shri Ramkrishna Vishnu Maduskar

Red Soil is source of Greenery, Prosperity and life. It is symbol of motherland, culture and energy. It reflects love towards our origins. It has motivated Ganesh Maduskar to venture about something that would take us close to nature.

Ganesh Maduskar is Fine Artist from JJ School of Arts in Sculpture domain. He has legacy of art in his family with him being 3rd generation in the business of Ganesh Idol making.

Secret of

Making Process

Its more than making clay model for us. Every asthetic part of idol is analysed and developed by Ganesh Maduskar himself. There upon color combination that suits and represents positive energy in unique way is decided. Process is more of dedication towards arts than mechanical development.

Why Maduskar Ganpati?

We Provide Best Eco-Friendly Ganpati

Since many years, We are known for Ganesha Idols however in changing era we are aligning more with environment. Generations are celebrating Ganesha festivals so we from Generations being part of every family's celebration, Dedicated to art that fulfilling desires of every Ganesha devotee