Maduskar Ganpati

About Us

Ganesh Pradeep Maduskar

Creator & Founder

The Grandson of late Shri Ramkrishna Vishnu Maduskar

Red Soil is source of Greenery, Prosperity and life. It is symbol of motherland, culture and energy. It reflects love towards our origins. It has motivated Ganesh Maduskar to venture about something that would take us close to nature.

Ganesh Maduskar is Fine Artist from JJ School of Arts in Sculpture domain. He has legacy of art in his family with him being 3rd generation in the business of Ganesh Idol making.

Everyday when Ganesh designs idols, smile on his face describes inherited skills and proud of being third generation of his grandfather R. V. Maduskar. However Ganesh could not spend time with his grandfather, still photos of idols made by grandfather, experience shared by customers, workers, Ganesh have kept enlightening himself to create superior idols...

  • Ganesh's grandfather was the pioneer of the Maduskar Idol making business.
  • He was from small Village belongs to Konkan region of Maharashtra.
  • He was devotee of Ganesha and he use to sold clay toys door to door in Mumbai.
  • His profession turned him to develop carving skills by own and started carving asthetic Ganesha Idols.
  • An Artist within R V Maduskar became more dedicated in making Ganesha idols and Soon became popular.
  • Today Maduskar is a Brand in Shadu Idols of Ganesha.
  • This business is flourished in a way that family members became carrying shoulders of business.

Ganesh's father (Pradeep Maduskar) later took over business at next step by introducing new techniques and upgraded skills with changing comsumer behaviour.

Ganesh has grown up seeing his father strive hard to scale up the business while retaining intact quality.
He has inherited not only with an art but also enterprenurship from his father and grandfather.

He is continuously developing himself and has been a part of Ganesh Idol making business since last 20 years. He has nurtured his art and has started blooming now.
He always rates 99% to his efforts where 1% that keeps him igniting to improve and to chase the perfection.

Recently, he have initiated 100% eco-friendly asthetic ganesh idols with keeping eye on environmental protection and celebrating festival that supports our ecosystem.

Our Vision

Ganesh Festival is Identity of our culture and religious tradition.
We are strongly connected to Ganesha idol and so more responsibily follow Ganesh Visarjana ritual.

In recent years major issue towards traces of Ganesh idols post immersion is highlighted. Major reason of idols not getting dissolved could be use of raw material/ clay used in making idols.

The solution that creates win win for our sentimental aspect as well as balancing nature is mandatory.
Here we are came up with Red Soil Ganesha.
Red Soil Ganesha is 100% eco friendly idol of Ganesha which can be easily dissolved on immersion.

Post immersion same soil can be utilised for cultivation of seeds/ in house plants or as any kind of gardening base. Our vision is to make Ganesh Festival 100% eco friendly, with red soil Ganesha idols without disturbing environmental balance.

So why to wait, lets join hands together to build sustainable environment and responsible devotees of Ganesha.